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Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2017

chernozem.info 30.10.2017


В конце прошлой недели состоялась Церемония награждения победителей сразу трех национальных конкурсов ADC*UA Awards 2017Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2017 та Kakadu Awards 2017 в рамках Ukrainian Creative Week.

CHERNOZEM, что вполне естественно, интересовался визуальной составляющей конкурсных работ – чтобы поделиться со своими читателями/зрителями.

Поэтому, в первую очередь, публикует победителей конкурса для дизайнеров Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2017

В категории A-2 Logo победила следующая работа:


2+2 TV Channel


The logo represents a geometric sign created basically using cut method. Additional elements are a circle, a triangle, a 45 degree angle. The finishing triangles of both “2” figures form the missing part of the “plus” sign. Graphic methods used in creating the logo have later expanded into broadcast design and throughout the brand identity.

В категории A-4 Packaging design победила следующая работа:


Jola Honey Mix

A-4-41    Tough Slate Design

To make the honey more desirable for a younger target audience, the client came up with an idea of producing honey mixtures — they are as healthy as traditional honey, but have a spark of taste due to the added natural ingredients: juices, spices, nuts, etc. Our agency has developed a simple and memorable brand name “JOLA” which is a derivative from the Ukrainian word [bdzhola] meaning “bee” in English. These days, natural food products often refer to crafting design, ignoring a wide gamut of visual communication techniques. For example, for modern youth such a language has become self-evident, ordinary, and therefore disappearing in the perpetual flow of motley diversity of design. In this project, we chose to explore a different approach which involves a refined graphic reflection of our time. Bright and unconventional package reveals the very essence of the mouthwatering mixture of honey and various ingredients, while avoiding any literal interpretations and specific images of the components. In addition to the chosen visual language, a solution of another practical problem is implemented: the product is introduced in three different packages to the benefit of mobility. Such a serving makes the product discernible for a consumer who keeps up with the times. It makes the product unforgettable for a consumer whose nutrition culture is firmly connected with the genuine joy and the experience of true aesthetic pleasure. Together with JOLA we glorify hedonism. Enjola yourselves!

В категории A-5 Editorial/Magazine/Corporate Publishing/Catalogues


A-5-3    Чегринець Поліна

The concept of zine is dedicated to works of Kazimir Malevich. This research of the heritage of the master, which once changed the future of art and design. In addition, creating a simple form, like a pixel is assigned to Kazimir Malevich behind the scene. You can either adore this artist or not understand. And the aim of the research is to help to understand the essence of his art. On the main page there is the word “supremus” encoded in binary code. At the bottom there are highlighted numbers 010 — the name of the first Casimir’s exhibition. The next two pages show the time and realities in which he lived, contrasted with what Malevich did. Then you can see the extracts of his words from the article and magazines with comments. Illustrations in zine, which help to rethink the artist’s works, are performed in new digital techniques. And what if Malevich lived in our time and used the tools that are available to us now? An attempt to answer this question at least in a small fraction is reflected in this project. Malevich would be proud of me.

Anex Catalogue

A-5-5    mirrolab

Anex is a Polish manufacturer of baby strollers. Every year Anex produces new collections and describes them in the catalogues. Previous catalogues were filled with technical details and were not interesting to look through. For the new catalogue to be more engaging and appealing, we have filled it with life and emotions. The catalogue meets you with black matte embossed cover. Each letter can be touched, you can run your fingers along the relief lines, one can stick for a long time even on the cover. There are separate double-pages in this catalogue with appropriate background for each stroller. The catalogue is diluted with emotional photographs of real families and short stories about them. There are also few pages made of tracing paper that add lightness to the catalogue and always appear unexpectedly.

В категории A-7 Illustration & Photography победили следующие работы:


Queen (You’re not you: British Edition)

A-7-6    BBDO Ukraine

What would happen if two British icons had been feeling hungry while doing their favorite everyday things? They can’t transform into gremlin or any other monster because top public officials should remain true, calm and give no sign of hunger. Only those who are very attentive can notice their transformation. Since their appearance didn’t change. But their habits did.


Churchill (You’re not you: British Edition)

A-7-7    BBDO Ukraine

What would happen if two British icons had been feeling hungry while doing their favorite everyday things? They can’t transform into gremlin or any other monster because top public officials should remain true, calm and give no sign of hunger. Only those who are very attentive can notice their transformation. Since their appearance didn’t change. But their habits did.

А вот как они снимались:

Еще несколько лучших:

Stand out

A-7-8    BBDO Ukraine

To stand out you don’t need to be bright. Especially nowadays, when there are too many images and texts, you stand out when you are not excessive, but concise. Meet our new work for Lexus IS. Only two colors. Only one word. 


Silpo Grocery Store Truck Branding

A-7-16    Tough Slate Design

The main task was to create the whole story about different departments of Silpo Grocery Store to be exposed on the trucks of the company.

В категории A-12 Calendars победила следующая работа:


Greenville Calendar

A-12-2    Serviceplan Ukraine

When creating our advertising materials, we try not only to find interesting ideas but also to consider the specific features of our clients’ work. That is why we have developed and realized a creative calendar designed as a house for Greenville, Ukrainian real-estate developer that uses natural materials in its buildings. This calendar reflects the activity of the company as well as principles of ecological building the company abides by. The calendar is made of plywood and shaped as a several-storeyed house. Its front side has window apertures with dates in them. Every month is a single sheet of paper, which can be taken out through a slit on the side. The calendar is also a plant pot. In our opinion, this is a good solution for broadening its functionality and symbolizes one of residential complexes that Greenville has built. The calendar is a harmonious adornment of interior and does not take up much space. Serviceplan Ukraine: Creative Director — Ihor Klymenko Executive Creative Director — Vasyl Tanasiychuk Designer — Lilya Krivorotenko Account Manager — Ekaterina Yakimenko, Olexandra Dmitrieva

В категории A-14 Student Design было много интересных работ, из которых хочется отметить следующие:


The calendar. Ukrainian traditions. Arts and crafts of Ukraine.

A-14-73    Циркалюк Маргарита

The theme of my calendar is Decorative applied art of Ukraine. Every month shows us one kind of art.



A-14-39    Гребiнь Дiана

This is a souvenir calendar that has an unusual form in the form of a postcard. Graphic objects were modeled using lines and details. On the calendar we have an opportunity to get acquainted with various architectural structures located in the cities of our region.

*Цього року, Ukrainian Creative Week вже вдруге об’єднав на одній платформі три національні конкурси ADC*UA Awards 2017, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2017 та Kakadu Awards 2017. Всі три конкурси входять до Рейтингу креативності та майстерності сезону 2017/2018: Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2017 з коефіцієнтом – 1, Kakadu – 1, ADC*UA – 1,5.

  • Список переможців ADC*UA Awards 2017 доступний за посиланням.
  • Список переможців Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2017 доступний за посиланням.
  • Список переможців Kakadu Awards 2017 доступний за посиланням.

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